Seafood expo pittman

Come and try our Premium Frozen Sushi at the 2019 Seafood Expo!

We are pleased to announce that once again we will be exhibiting at the Seafood Expo Global (SEG) in Brussels. As well as showing what Pittman...
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Atlantischer Kabeljau

Atlantic and Pacific cod – different fish, same adulation

Cod is a universally prized food and the go-to whitefish for many consumers and cuisines around the world, with its snow-white, pearlescent flesh and...
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Our visit to Vietnam

As part of our acquisition takes place in Vietnam we periodically visit this country to take a tour of some of our factories. Below you will find the...
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New EU trade deal to boost Canadian lobster supply

Lobster is one of Canada’s most valuable seafood exports, valued at more than CAD 2.1 billion (€1.4 billion). Around three-quarters of the harvest is traditionally exported to the United States, while Asia has also become an increasingly important buyer of the crustacean in recent years. However, it’s Europe that now offers the most scope for overseas sales growth, thanks to Canada’s new free trade deal with the EU that eliminates tariffs on its lobster sales in the 28 member state markets. (more…)

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Pacific dab

Yellowfin sole roll demonstrates the value of versatility

Globally, there are hundreds of different types of flatfish, among them the universally popular halibut, turbot, sole and flounder, and many important fisheries are based upon these prized species. Historically, though, one of the most commercially plentiful and sustainable varieties of flatfish is the somewhat lesser-known Pacific dab (also known as yellowfin sole – Limanda aspera). (more…)

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Seafood supply growth

Where seafood supply growth will come from in 2018

With more than 90% of the world’s fish stocks either fully-exploited or being fished beyond capacity, it is frequently highlighted in seafood circles that the supply of products from wild-capture fisheries has reached a production plateau and the onus is now firmly on aquaculture to come up with the additional fish protein that’s required to sustainably feed the fast-growing global population. (more…)

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Changes to the European Customs Code: TORO permit

As of 1 May 2016, the new European Community Customs Code came into effect for all member states, including Belgium. However, customs has allowed us to continue working with the old system provided that our End-Use Authorisation or T5 permit is still valid, specifically up to October 2018. It came to our attention that the permits of a number of clients had already expired, in many cases without the possibility of extension. We recently received more information about the new system and the required TORO permit – so it’s time for an update. (more…)

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Egg to plate: why and how fish are farmed

We have been farming fish and shellfish as a means of sustenance for thousands of years. Yet today’s technologically advanced aquaculture sector, which includes the culture of more than 500 different aquatic animals, is a world away from our earliest beginnings, which were predominantly based on the capture and ranching of wild species. (more…)

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Think fish week pittman

Time for a nice dish of sustainable fish

Think Fish Week, from 25 September to 1 October 2017, is all about making consumers aware of their power to make a difference. Consciously choosing to buy sustainable, wild-caught fish and shellfish and responsibly-farmed fish helps to protect fish stocks in vulnerable coastal areas and in the open seas.

This annual week of awareness is a shared initiative of WWF Belgium, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The two latter organisations are best known for their quality labels, which recognise sustainable, wild-caught fish and responsibly-farmed fish, respectively.


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king crab

Getting to grips with Russia’s king of crabs

If it is size that you’re after, then king crab – the largest edible crab in the world – is the crustacean for you. Capable of reaching weights of 10kg, this largest member of the spider crab family is becoming increasingly popular with consumers in a growing number of markets. (more…)

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