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Our visit to Asia, our second home: China Fisheries & Seafood Expo and Vietnam 1 minute

  Feb 14, 2020

Every year, around the end of October and the beginning of November we visit the largest fish and seafood trade show in Asia: “China Fisheries & Seafood Expo”. More than 35,000 seafood professionals from over 90 countries visit the CFSE. Over 1,600 exhibiting companies put their best foot forward including importers, distributors, retailers, industry and food services., …

For Kurt Fierens, our Asia expert at Pittman Seafoods since ’93, it has now become a bit like his second home.

Pittman China VIP

During this visit we gather information about our main product references that we import from Asia, such as Alaska pollock, Alaska wild salmon and Yellowfin sole. With this knowledge we are able to proactively provide our customers with the right market information and trends. We visit the exposition and the factories that produce for us. However, it is not only our purchasers who travel to China several times a year. Our quality manager also makes regular visits to perform an audit. Every production run and container is subject to a thorough inspection by the local agent and an independent quality team.

As occurs every year, production runs at full speed to get everything completed for the Chinese New Year (25 January 2020) and we make sure that we have enough buffer stock to bridge this period. We are ready for the Year of the Rat…

Successor of tiger prawns

The second part of our journey takes us to Vietnam. We not only import pangasius from here, but also ASC certified Vannamei shrimp, officially called “Whiteleg Shrimp”. These shrimps are replacing tiger prawns on a large scale because they are much more resistant to disease and they can be harvested several times a year. They are available in all sizes and weights.

We visit two important producers in the Mekong Delta where, among other things, we purchase marinated Vannamei shrimp. These large companies employ an extensive workforce, often up to three thousand employees. Our selected factories are IFS, BRC, ASC and BSCI certified. This allows us We to produce under the best conditions. During our visits, we not only discuss the market situation, but we also test and evaluate new products.

Make sure to try our delicious garlic marinated prawns!