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Pittman Seafoods launches Chez Vous quality label 2 minutes

  Dec 01, 2014

Chez Vous_JPEG

Pittman Seafoods has teamed up with Bruges-based communications agency d-artagnan to promote their UHP lobster. The result is a brand new label, stylish new packaging and a companion website with recipes and videoclips. All in the name of proving that it’s not that hard to prepare UHP lobster after all.

Pittman Seafoods’ UHP lobster is quality through and through. This Canadian lobster is processed under high pressure and deep-frozen immediately after being caught. And the advantage of this animal-friendly approach? In addition to there being almost no flavour loss at all in the processing, the meat of the lobster comes loose from the shell very easily. Pittman Seafoods tasked communications agency d-artagnan with the job of making the UHP lobster product and name more familiar to end customers.

‘The problem that Pittman Seafoods outlined during our first meeting was that many people are afraid to prepare lobster at home because they think it’s much too difficult. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is the task of our communications agency to turn this prejudice on its head,’ says Ignace Van Avermaet, Account Director at d-artagnan. ‘Also, the supermarkets were enthusiastic about this produt, but asked Pittman Seafoods to release it with a ‘fancy’ label, so as to avoid the long procedure of designing one for their own brand. But to start with we decided to brainstorm for a new name.’

How did you end up with Chez Vous?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘The name had to be suitable for both the Flemish and Wallonian markets. For our neighbouring markets too, in fact. Given that lobster is often associated with gastronomy, we quickly ended up in French territory with the name. ‘Chez Vous’ gets the right message across. The name is perfect as a separate brand, bringing to mind the finesse of the French kitchen and yet remaining accessible.’

So, lobster just like at a restaurant, but at home?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘Exactly. UHP lobster is simple to prepare and we make this clear with our campaign image and the Chez Vous website.’

Can you tell us more about the campaign image?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘The goal is to convince the consumer that lobster is easy to prepare. And that UHP lobster meat comes straight off the shell. Almost as easy as opening a zipper. Which is why we made the campaign image that of a lobster with a zipper.’

Why black for the logo?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘With Chez Vous we are dealing with a quality product and we want to position it accordingly in the market. The black suggests exclusivity and luxury.’

What can we expect from the Chez Vous-website?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘It’s a sleek one-pager with beautiful photos and a lot of quick and easy recipes for preparing lobster at home. Soon we will also launch our own YouTube channel with a host of videos to accompany these recipes.’

How many packaging designs have you made for Pittman?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘Pittman Seafoods is launching four new products under the Chez Vous label: lobster meat out of the shell, half lobster, lobster tails and lobster claws.’

What are the prospects for these new products?
Ignace Van Avermaet: ‘There is a lot of interest from different retailers. In 2015 we will focus on online advertising. A great plus with respect to the name is that we can also use the Chez Vous label for other Pittman Seafoods proucts in the future. We look forward to seeing what the future brings.’