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30 years of Geyskens Delikatessen: “Put the client first, respect your colleagues, always choose quality and pull your sleeves up” 1 minute

  Jan 25, 2016

Geyskens Delikatessen is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Founded as a seller of goose and duck liver, today they distribute a broad range of top-quality ingredients across Belgium. To celebrate its anniversary, the company has released the cookbook Geïnspireerd – Culinaire creaties van boeiende chefs (Inspired – Culinary creations from exciting chefs). Interestingly, the book places the clients of Geyskens Delikatessen front and centre, including Pittman Seafoods. Johnny Wijsmans, Managing Director of Geyskens Delikatessen, explains:

Book title

“Our clients chose the recipes themselves. Given that the book was written in the spring of 2015, there are many typical springtime products in the recipes. Asparagus and lobster, for example. Game products weren’t on the menu at that time, which is why we are currently putting together a second cookbook with more focus on game dishes.”

New milestone

“Why a second cookbook already? Because Geyskens Delikatessen has reached another important milestone. In the second half of 2016, our new building will be complete. We will present the new building to our clients and suppliers at our open day, which is the ideal moment to launch a second cookbook. The latest book features contributions from 90 top-class chefs, but of course we have more than 90 clients. In this way, everybody gets a look in.”

Direct feedback speaks volumes

“We always strive for the highest quality. Which is why we have worked with Pittman Seafoods for quite some time now. They supply high-quality products, whether it’s a fresh half-lobster in the shell, fresh lobster meat out of the shell, freshly frozen oysters, fresh oysters with champagne gratin, cockle meat or lobster stock. Before we distribute new products, we get our regular clients to try them. Their feedback spoke volumes: 90% of the chefs rated the samples as top products. This gave us great peace of mind.”