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Leading Swedish wholesaler is over the moon about Pittman Seafoods’ UHP lobster Less than a minute

  Aug 26, 2014

Martin & Servera is a leading wholesale supplier of restaurants and caterers in Sweden. They distribute a wide range of food and non-food products from their 15 regional distribution centres.

In order to inspire clients, Martin & Servera has uploaded a wealth of tips, recipes and video clips to its website. The famous Swedish chef, Mattias Larsson, recently got his hands on some of Pittman Seafoods’ UHP lobster.

Swedish chef Mattias Larsson could easily stand alongside the likes of Jeroen Meus or Jamie Oliver. He is a young and enthusiastic TV chef, teacher and cookbook writer. In 2006, he founded Modern Gastronomi in order to inspire people to eat and drink well. Modern Gastronomi is a culinary platform offering courses for hospitality staff, wine tastings, cooking events, talks and food trips.

Heavenly aromas

Mattias Larsson regularly dons his barbecue apron for Martin & Servera. The result is a series of beautiful video clips. In one such clip, Larsson shows us how to smoke lobster on the barbecue. For this, he uses UHP lobster from Pittman Seafoods and is extremely enthusiastic about the taste. ‘I like to use woodchips to add extra flavour and aroma’, he says in the clip. ‘You can get different kinds of woodchips and – depending on their origin – they have a different flavour. I personally almost always use the large woodchips.’