seafood benefits

The seven health benefits of eating seafood

Seafood offers such a rich diversity of delicious protein and memorable eating experiences that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s...
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Aquatech and innovation – the changing landscape of fish farming

Aquaculture – already one of the world’s fastest food production sectors – is also in the midst of a technological revolution, with an...
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frozen scallops on ice

The many advantages of frozen fish

As a food category, fish and seafood continues to fare extremely well in what is a constantly evolving consumer landscape. Amid society’s soaring...
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Closing the net on IUU fishing

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing is one of the biggest issues in the global seafood trade, posing a significant threat to the sustainability of global fisheries and marine ecosystems, as well as being widely associated with human rights abuses across the seafood supply chain. (more…)

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The many colours of the crustacean kings

Most seafood enthusiasts will be familiar with the appearance of their local lobsters, but some may be surprised to learn that the prized crustaceans come in remarkably wide variety of colours – with lobsters of the same species often expressing very different shades. (more…)

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Pittman Seafoods tops MSC Seafood Awards for a second time

Last year, Pittman Seafoods was among one of the top three Belgian MSC-certified suppliers at the MSC Seafood Awards. We are particularly proud that history is repeating itself again this year. This makes us the only supplier to win an award for the second time in a row and confirms once again that our sustainability efforts have not gone unnoticed. (more…)

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Bewuste visweek 2023

Plunge into the six As during Think Fish Week

We cannot overemphasise how important sustainability is to our sector. That is why we are once again fully endorsing Think Fish Week, which takes place from 25 September to 1 October. This year, we are being immersed in the Six As – each of which represents an argument for choosing certified fish. In this blog, we outline exactly what these As stand for, within the industry and beyond, but especially at Pittman Seafoods. (more…)

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Seafood and summer: time to light the barbecue

With midsummer approaching, many of those with access to an outdoor space will be firing up their barbecues of an evening. Although meat still dominates many people’s barbecue options, seafood can also be a tasty and healthy alternative, as the smoky flavours from the barbecue complement its delicate, briny essence. (more…)

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“When the going gets tough, Pittman gets going!”

Peter Lammertyn, Senior Key Account Manager at Pittman Seafoods, is relishing the start of the seafood exhibition season. Having just returned from Gulfood in Dubai, he is now looking forward to Seafood Expo Global (SEG) and the annual gathering of the Private Label Manufacturers’ Association (PLMA).

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