More than a headache: Sea lice and their considerable impact on the salmon farming sector

Salmon farming is very big business. Supplying what’s become one of the world’s most popular proteins, the industry has grown at an impressive...
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Plastic crisis ocean

How the seafood sector is tackling the plastic pollution crisis

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate our immediate thoughts and actions, it wasn’t very long ago that plastic pollution was...
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Korean snow crab

Korea’s sweet tasting giant from the deep

Snow crab has a very special place in Korean culture. Known locally as “daegae”, which literally means huge crab, this winter delicacy is highly...
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seafood benefits

The seven health benefits of eating seafood

Seafood offers such a rich diversity of delicious protein and memorable eating experiences that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s also amongst the healthiest foods on our planet. Here are seven of our favourite reasons to include seafood in a balanced diet, as recommended, at least twice a week (including at least one oily fish): (more…)

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Aquatech and innovation – the changing landscape of fish farming

Aquaculture – already one of the world’s fastest food production sectors – is also in the midst of a technological revolution, with an increased uptake of new innovations expected in the years ahead. These will likely include the latest digital tools such as smart devices and machinery, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, the cloud, etc.


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frozen scallops on ice

The many advantages of frozen fish

As a food category, fish and seafood continues to fare extremely well in what is a constantly evolving consumer landscape. Amid society’s soaring demand for healthier, more natural food choices, the appreciation of what these particular proteins have to offer in terms of their nutritional profile, as well as the positive experiences to be had from eating them, has brought many different species and preparations into the limelight. (more…)

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Filleted Alaskan Pollak fish

Alaska pollock: a whitefish for all

Considering its status as one of the most widely consumed fish in the world, Alaska pollock is far from being one of the best known. In fact, if ever there was a major species to slip quietly under the radar – it’s probably pollock. Despite this relative anominity, there’s much about this whitefish – that’s from the same family as cod and haddock – to shout about. (more…)

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How aquaculture is progressively meeting market expectations

Aquacuture is rightly considered one of our leading food supply sectors. It is a far more efficient protein producer than any land animal farming industry, and with global seafood consumption on a 40-year strong growth trend, fish and shellfish farmers have been ramping-up their harvests to ease the demands placed on wild-capture fisheries, most of which are now operating at their maximum sustainable yield. (more…)

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Consumers fish and seafood

What consumers want from (sea)food

New trends and shifting values mean that the consumer landscape is constantly evolving. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with food; the rate of change in the way that our foods are produced, purchased and consumed is accelerating rapidly. The good news is that the seafood industry is ideally placed to capitalise on these disruptions and appeal to today’s super-engaged consumers, with more people seeking out ways to make positive food purchasing decisions than ever before. (more…)

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Modified salmon

Unpacking genetically modified salmon

Considering the incredible international market success that farmed Atlantic salmon has had, it’s hard to believe that as a food production sector, it didn’t come to prominance until the 1970s. While its initial commercial accomplishments owed much to the scarcity of wild Atlantic salmon, by adopting increasingly sophisticated production techniques, salmon farming companies have made the fish a truly global, high-in-demand consumer product. (more…)

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